Photo by Monsters and Lace
Photo by Monster and Lace


My name is Caitlin Elizabeth, and I am Haunting Beauty Art!

I’m a Illustration graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design 

I make Art that I want to see in the world. Years of practice, determination, and curiosity have gotten me to where I am today. I create Living things from Dead things, such as Whitetail Deer remains, crystals, minerals, and plants.

I gather inspirations from History, cave paintings, nature, and the moon. Most of my traditional work are pieces I make for me during my meditations and are how I connect with and practice my faith. My belief in the Northern Tradition is a strong influence in my work which has lead me to create several Elder Futhark Rune Divination Decks, crystal talismans, and the illustrations that I do.

When I was a little girl I would often be found staring at the moon and stars, that has yet to change. haha. Growing up my favorite movies allows involved knights, round tables, magic and the unknown. Dark Crystal got me in sooo much trouble as a tiny human. I’d run around mimicking Chamberlain’s whimper and daydreamed of becoming Aughra. I was always creating from the beginning, I hope to continue doing so.

✨ Stay Spooky ✨

Haunting Beauty Art